It's so green!

As you travel east along highway 14 from Vancouver, WA to the Bonneville dam one thing that becomes inescapably obvious is how green this region is. Well, it's certainly green in May. I'll definitely visit the region again during other seasons to see how the color holds up. I also passed several trail heads during the drive but didn't have time to visit them today so I see a long weekend in the near future to allow exploring the area in greater depth. During a stop to grab a couple of shots of the amazing view I talked with a couple that had moved to Washington from Nebraska. We had a nice chat that was all too brief given their very pleasant nature. This is just an example of what brought me back to the northwest ... high temperature in the 60s, a wide variety of geography to explore, and a friendly, laid-back culture in which to experience it all. I hope you'll join me as I explore all the goodness the northwest has to offer. If you live here or are visiting maybe our paths will cross. If you have a suggestion for a favorite spot of your own please add a comment. I look forward to visiting with you each week, sharing my pictures and thoughts about places to go and things to do. Go northwest!