My new ebook is published on Amazon!

Sorry for the departure from my usual travel photo entries but I'm so excited by this news that I have to tell everyone! I recently completed an ebook on how to resolve several issues that can slow down your PC's performance. It was just published on Amazon as a Kindle ebook yesterday (9/3) and will be available for a free download for the next two days. If you don't own a Kindle that's no problem as there are Kindle Reader programs for just about every portable device (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc) as well as a Kindle Reader program for your PC. The book is titled "Speed up your s-l-o-w PC" and you can find it here: Please take a look and if you do download it I would really appreciate it if you added your comments as customer feedback to the Amazon site too. I hope you enjoy reading the book and are able to use some of the ideas to improve your own PC's performance!